Marketing & Branding

Helping your brand become recognized and easily connect to your target market.

A Branding Overview is Provided initially to each client:   

There is alway something more specific than the old worn out sayings of “we offer the best” , or top quality.  Everyone says that.  Everyone already expects top quality.  We will help you dig down and help you find your true message that makes your business unique to you. 

  • To help each client uncover their true message.  What it is that makes their business, and their business purpose unique to them.  
  • Everyone has a story and we will work to get it uncovered so it can be packaged and prepared in a way that represents you and your business 
  • Uncover how to translate that message and infuse it into the visual message and branding of your website. Uncover and identify who is your preferred customer base.   
  • Works with the developers to ensure consistency of the message throughout the project, from start to finish. 

Each client will receive two personalized one on one sessions related to branding and your image development for the website purposes . The initial session is for the “uncovering” process.  During this meeting we will also identify and clarify any items that we will need to gather from the client.   IE. photographs, any historical items , statistics, testimonials etc 

The second session is a follow up to the initial meeting to deliver the  results and recommendations.  Branding themes and suggestions, logo suggestions, and basic copy will be provided.  

We will gather any other information that was to be collected at this time, refine it, and get it to the developers. 

 Once the message and the plan is clear, the developers are on their way to create your individualized project! 

About Cathy

Cathy’s passion lies in assisting  business owners make a thriving living in today’s marketplace by assisting business owners in branding themselves correctly and effectively.   

Cathy has been starting and managing businesses for herself or others for 40 years. From retail business, to concierge business, to  healthcare management businesses. 

She has developed retail businesses from the ground up, including writing the business plan, implementing all elements of the business, branding, managing to success, and to final sale of the store. 

Her experience in hands on management, plus purchasing media and writing ads enables her to be very compassionate and truly understand the challenges an owner is facing as the advertising marketplace continues to evolve and change. 

An effective brand, image, and presence is the strong and firm basis for the future of any business, much like a foundation for a sturdy building.  If you don’t lay the foundation correctly, you are forever correcting cracks and flaws. That is confusing and costly for any owner, and way more confusing for customers.   

With an effective brand and a consistent image, the business and the owner are aligned both internally and visually;  your belief in your product shines and your passion for assisting your customers is evident.