V shows Honda still has a little magic

Forty years later, Honda will sell you everything canada goose outlet sale from a lawnmower to a streetfighter motorcycle to a passenger jet. canada goose uk shop And, as they’re still most absolutely a car company, they’ll happily sell you this, a compact crossover.

If the Civic’s front wheeldrive layout was relatively innovative (a fuel sipping Japanese Mini? Great!), then the HR V isn’t really a standout. The compact crossover market is a relatively cramped one, filled with everything from the surprisingly good Buick Encore to the sporty little Mazda CX 3. Unlike the Civic, the HR V’s got competition, and lots of it.

However, once we get to the end of this sales year, you should probably expect this newest Honda canada goose coats to have equalled the success of Canadian favourites like the Accord, the CR V, and yes, the Civic. It’s a lot bigger than the first Hondas to hit our shores, but the HR V still has some of that same magic.

“Compact crossover” being a bit of a canada goose outlet shop mouthful, many pundits choose to refer to this new growing market segment as the “cute canada goose outlet uk ute” brigade. Thing is, the HR V isn’t all that canada goose outlet new york city cute.

If the original Fit was a bug eyed wonder, and that long ago Civic downright adorable, the HR V is somewhat plain. It’s got a proud H badge out front, black plastic fender surrounds, and a curvy roofline, but mostly, this is a very conservative shape. Even anonymous.

Moving up a couple of trim levels adds Canada Goose online a little chrome brightwork to the HR V’s exterior, buy canada goose jacket cheap and all models come with 17 inch alloy wheels, but the available colour palette is canada goose uk black friday a little bland. Frankly, this is just Honda understanding their customers very well: canada goose outlet the biggest criticism to be levelled at cheap canada goose the HR V is that it looks like a smaller CR V, and that’s a good thing. It’s not so much what Honda’s littlest crossover looks like, as what you can do with it.

The HR V is underpinned by the compact Fit platform, although both stretched and widened. It’s 230 millimetres longer and 70 mm wider than the Fit, and as a result has even more Canada Goose Jackets space.

For anyone who’s experienced the surprising flexibility of cheap Canada Goose Honda’s aptlynamed subcompact, that’s a very good thing. The HR V gets the same clever folding rear seats as the Fit, and a trunk space that swells canada goose outlet jackets from 688 litres to 1,665 litres. The flip up seat bottoms make carrying taller objects upright easy, and the low load floor should find favour with dog owners.

As interesting and sensible as the HR V’s cargo solutions are, its infotainment is something more of a mixed bag. Top level cars come with touchscreen controls for many functions, including the replacement of a volume knob with a fiddly touchslider instead. The entry level HR V is actually the better option here as it has more analogue controls, but navigation equipped models official canada goose outlet can be frustrating.

Having said that, the layout and material quality of the HR V does seem a cut above the Fit, and not much of a downgrade from the larger CR V. A little more in cabin storage space would be nice, but overall the HR Canada Goose Parka V qualifies as very practical. As we’ve got a tendency to load up our crossover with all sort of gear (mountain bikes, kayaks, poutine, moose pelts), that’s probably a good thing. Add in a CVT, the only transmission option available for all wheel drive models, and acceleration can be pretty leisurely. However, the HR V doesn’t feel slow, not exactly. Like all Hondas, the modest torque figure belies a willingness to zip up into the higher end of the rev range for passing. It’s at least adequate to the task, and maybe even zippy. Additionally, if you can live without the all wheel drive option, Honda will still sell you canada goose outlet toronto factory a manual transmission version, which livens things up a bit.

Thanks to a higher ride height, the HR V isn’t really a corner carver. Those who have fond memories of the old double wishbone suspension you got in Civics of yore won’t find much joy here. However, it is again perfectly adequate to the task, and the ride quality is very good. Road noise at speed is well muted for such a small car.

There are sportier options for a cute ute, but once again the HR V ticks those boxes that might be of more use in the real world: practicality, smoothness, and quiet.

The base canada goose outlet reviews LX HR V might be the pick of the litter, equipped as it is with all the power options, heated seats, USB connectivity, and the easier to use analogue controls. Moving up the LX model nets you goodies like Honda’s clever passengerside blind spot camera. The top level EX L Navi (as tested, a little less than $30,000 before freight), adds navigation, leather seats, and driver assists like forward collision cheap canada goose warning.

Fuel economy, generally a strength with Honda products, is very good. Official figures rate 7.2 (litres/100 kilometres) on the highway for CVT and AWD cars, and 8.8 in the city. Even if you’ve got to rev the HR V up from time to time, real world economy seems easily repeatable.

Flexible, efficient cargo space; well optioned base model; available manual transmission.

Very reserved styling; pricey top model; sedate handling.

An ultra practical hatchback runabout with good fuel economy sound familiar?

Mazda CX 3 ($20,695): Practicality might soothe the travails of the day to day, but sometimes you canada goose outlet store need a little something to stir the soul. Mazda’s canada goose factory outlet CX 3 is just as efficient as the HR V, but trades a little of that cargohauling nature for a zippier ride.

Consider https://www.estrategias.de it the spiritual ancestor of the Protege5. While it’s neither as good at people or stuff hauling as the Honda, the Mazda is more fun than any front wheel drive crossover has a right to be (and you can get it with allwheel drive too).