Many of us are used to the status quo. Day in and day out we have become accustomed to complaining about our commutes, our jobs and our bills. When you change your attitude about your life or begin to share your dreams you may find friends and family who are excited and supportive, and others who are down right negative.

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canada goose jackets SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileTuesday’s temporary suspension of North American flights scheduled to arrive at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport had many people asking why a major airport in a country known for its cold climate wasn’t better prepared to deal with the frigid temperatures. But airport officials and aviation experts suggest there is little that could have been done differently. ET].”How to survive an extremely cold dayWeather woes wreak havoc on travelCanadians might be used to cold weather, but temperatures as low as the 30 to 40 C with wind chill that Torontonians experienced Monday night and Tuesday are unusual for the city. canada goose jackets

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